iPhone XR and Apple Watch Series 3: two great products now at a very discounted price

We haven’t missed yesterday’s keynote hangover yet, and we’re moving on to the next step. Having tested the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Apple Watch Series 5 and the new input iPad, it’s time to stop for a second and see what two great products from previous years look. This is the iPhone XR and Apple Watch Series 3, which are now discounted at a price that makes them super competitive. Moreover, when over the months we will see very attractive offers in physical and online stores.

iPhone XR: 150 euros less for last year’s super-sales

The iPhone XR ranked as the most affordable terminal in the 2018 iPhone generation. And Apple’s successive financial quarters confirmed its super-sales status since its launch. Inside, the iPhone XR contains the best technologies of that year, namely:

  • Face ID.
  • Liquid Retina screen.
  • True Tone and P3 range.
  • Reduction of frames.
  • A12 Bionic processor.
  • Wireless charging.
  • Same main lens as iPhone XS.
  • Portrait mode for people.
  • Funny colors.

All this in a terminal with a price that started from 859 euros. With the passage of months and thanks to our weekly Gang Hunt, we have seen that price reduced significantly. By the middle of the cycle, it was already common to find the 64GB model for 699 euros. And a few weeks ago it was around 630 euros, or about 230 euros off.

Now and with the advent of the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, Apple has substantially reduced its price. In Spain you can get one in the Apple store from 709 euros. Which means the 64GB iPhone XR could be in a short time below 600 euros in other stores. If you want an iPhone and are looking for the most affordable way to get one with Face ID and other technologies, the iPhone XR is going to be your main choice.

Apple Watch Series 3: A 229 euro ticket to enter the best smartwatch

That the Apple Watch is the best smartwatch on the market is something few question. For its materials, hardware, belts and customization options, but also for its medical functions, health and communication monitoring. Not forgetting its already rich ecosystem of apps, services and so on. As a whole, the Apple Watch is unrivaled.

Apple wanted to lower its entry price even more with a double play: by withdrawing the Series 4 and lowering the Series 3. While the former has been naturally replaced by the Apple Watch Series 5, with the other the company has taken the opportunity to lower it in price. A discount that’s not ballad.

If the Apple Watch Series 3 debuted at 429 euros in the base model in 2017, the following year it was down to 299 euros. That is, 130 euros. And now in 2019 it falls in another 70 euros to be placed in the 229 euros in which it can be purchased now. Without counting on the possible discounts could put it below 200 euros quickly.

This means that it will be cheaper than ever to have one of the most competent smartwatches on the market. You may lack the Series 4 ECG or the always-on Series 5 display, but the reality is that the Apple Watch Series 3 is going to be a great way to dive into the wearable world. Especially at this price.

In short: while Apple announces groundbreaking new products, we should look out for those of previous generations that are kept up for sale. We’re always going to get a surprise or two and this year they’ve been the iPhone XR and Apple Watch Series 3.

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