Good vibes with the new iPhone 11: 55% of US bookings are from ‘Pro’ models

As I mentioned recently, the move Apple has made with the names of the new iPhones seeks to make the iPhone 11 the main model as long as the 11 Pro is relegated to something more expensive and suitable for professionals like the iMac Pro. We took away the feeling of «I’ll settle for the iPhone XR that’s the cheap one» we had last year.

However, it seems that the first analyses point higher than we can think of at first. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says bookings have gone better than expected, with the two iPhone 11 Pro sizes dominating in the United States.

Optimism in the reservations of all models

According to his own study, Kuo says 45% of the bookings that have been made so far from the iPhone 11. That means the remaining 55% of bookings are from the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. It would represent a 10-15% improvement over last year’s reserves.

The motive? One of the causes could be the iPhone Upgrade Program present in the United States, with which you can pay a fixed amount of money per month and renew your iPhone each year. The difference between renewing for an iPhone 11 and renewing for an iPhone Pro 11 is a few more dollars a month, which is tempting for anyone who uses their iPhone on a daily basis.

Kuo also said yesterday that demand for iPhone 11s was going better than expected, and that new colors were picking up a lot of interest. We’ll see this in the form of the revenue Apple is unveiling at next January’s financial results press conference, which will reflect sales for the holiday period.

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